Hi and thanks for asking me to play on your recordings.

Here is the three step process I use for playing on your songs from my home studio.

I charge $200.00 per song for an edited, mix ready bass track.

Thanks, David

1) Send your WAV or AIFF stereo mixes or stems of each song to david@davidlabruyere.com, as well as a 50{39fd33d9b9150baeec3f2edec9ca8f47064c25321afe8733e33c803368b745fe} payment deposit.

        payment options:  Venmo  –  Paypal  as a “gift / friends and family”  –  bank wire / transfer  –  good old fashioned cheque

2) I’ll play your songs and send you mp3s. 

        If you don’t like what I’ve played or want to make changes, give me direction and I’ll tweak accordingly.  

3) Once you approve what I’ve played, send me the remaining 50{39fd33d9b9150baeec3f2edec9ca8f47064c25321afe8733e33c803368b745fe} payment and I’ll send your WAV files of the bass tracks.

 helpful 411

Tell me these three things about your session:

1) tempo

2) bit depth

3) sample rate


I will create my own session, so please send audio files only.

Please print and send the click track as an individual file.

All audio files must begin at the beginning of your session timeline.

  If you have a chart, please send a PDF or photograph of it. If you don’t have a chart, that’s okay!

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